What is GetGoodRank?

GetGoodRank Is the Newest Tool for Website Analysis,
which Works On the Principle of Searching Systems.

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Like Google, GetGoodRank assesses the quality of the website from the user's point of view by attracting assessors. Assessors of GetGoodRank act according to Google Quality Rating Guidelines.
Google prevents the promotion of a low-level websites to the top, and the GetGoodRank algorithm considers these options because it works the same as Google in its operation.
The analysis performed by GetGoodRank provides stepwise instructions for improving options that will help in lifting a website to the top, and raise conversion and sales.

Why is GetGoodRank needed?

Prompt Promotion to the Top

Nowadays, the user experience is the focus of searching systems, so high-level user factors and
commercial relevance
Commercial relevance
First, the term indicates the trustworthiness of a company and its website. It also indicates assortment, price competitiveness, order, payment and delivery methods, and the quality of customer support service. Read more
must enable swift entry to the Top. The paramount goal of Google is to show visitors relevant and useful websites at the Top of the SERP, and this is the reason why algorithms which struggle with 'black hat SEO' are used by Google.
What do the search engines do?
Google attracts
Real users, search system staff. The functions of assessors are to evaluate websites against certain lists of criteria, to train the machine algorithm and to rank websites in various search results. Read more
to determine the quality of the website. Furthermore, when ranking a website, it considers the assessors' estimation and uses this in the machine's algorithm learning. This estimation allows the search machine to understand how useful the website is for the user.
What does GetGoodRank do?
GetGoodRank analyses the criteria by which assessors and search algorithms estimate websites. We have studied the action of ranking algorithms and have determined the user factors that influence the position of websites in the search, and the parameters that negatively affect the trust of users and reduce conversion, thereby preventing websites from moving to the top.
Assessors of GetGoodRank estimate every website using more than 70 parameters and answering 177 questions.
Assessors of GetGoodRank estimate every website <br class='hidden-sm'/> using more than 70 parameters and answering 177 questions.
After testing the website for conformity to Google standards, GetGoodRank identifies specific parameters which should be improved to increase the quality of the website and consequently promote it to the top.
Learn more about sales factors

Steady Growth of Conversion and Sales

Top positions and high traffic do not guarantee the increase of profit because profitability of business directly depends on the conversion rate. GetGoodRank estimates all parameters of a website which influence the conversion rate, and presents a detailed report on
user factors
User factors
The complex mix of user actions on a website which define the user's satisfaction as well as his or her readiness to use the website again to make purchases, and book services. The user factors define the loyalty of a customer to a website. Read more
of the tested website and instructions on how to improve them.
Implementation of simple recommendations will rapidly improve user factors, thereby increasing website conversion by 1.5 to 3 times without global changes.

Holding of TOP Positions and Outranking Competitors

Have you thoroughly analysed your website and the websites of competitors ranked higher than yours, but do not find valid arguments why competitors break away? GetGoodRank will compare factors of your website with those of competitors and will show in which aspects / domains the competitors have an advantage over you. Furthermore, it will give accurate instructions on improving the parameters influencing the ranking of the website.

GetGoodRank converts such parameters as usability, availability, quality, and commercial relevance of a website into clear numerical values.
Also, its own analytical complex
A system which defines and specifies parameter vectors and values their weight in algorithms of searching systems. MarksNet's architecture uses methodology of artificial neural networks for calculation of optimal values of estimation results. Read more
analyses assessors' answers and uses them in formulae of website estimation.
When you have improved all necessary indicators, you will not only quickly overtake competitors, but also hold stable positions upon all search queries.

Noticeable Improvements of a Website in All Directions

How to start

1Enter the website address,
list search queries
and competitors
2Get the report
and results of comparison
with competitors
3Get recommendations
on improvement and
correction of problems

Steps and Cost

Analysis of the website

The detailed analysis of a website with
the help of assessors on 70 parameters

Comparison with comperitors

Comparison with competitors and
estimation of search queries


Recommendations on improvement of
commercial and user factors of a website

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